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WELCOME - Emotional and Physical Wellness




MIND. Your thinking mind, which is both conscious and unconscious, that is responsible for your beliefs, thoughts, and actions.
BODY.  Your body is the physical aspect of yourself that carries you through life and allows you to experience the world through your five senses.
SOUL. Your spirit or soul is that intrinsic part of you that you might refer to as your essence or state of well being. To nourish your spirit, you can honor your faith and or spend time in nature, yoga, art, music, prayer or even meditating.


Bringing Me Home -

Music for Emotional Wellness

Co-written Hause & Garrison 

Never Stop -

Co-written Hause & Watson 

Videos on Youtube Channel

Yoga for Mind, Body and Spirit

Empower Growth with the Arts

Customized  Emotional Trauma Recovery Yoga

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