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Army Veteran -
Served 14 years  
Medical, Logistics, Psychological Ops (Special Forces), Communications, Chemical and Air Defense Artillery 

Teacher/Professor, Researcher, Speaker & Coach 

Career in Process Improvement, Quality, Research and Healthcare. Business Owner, Non-Profit, Emotional Trauma Recovery and Preventive Health and Wellness  (Yoga Instructor) along with Legislative Projects! 


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             Speaking & Events

      It has been an honor and privilege to serve our students, families and community in emotional and physical wellness practices within our county, state and country during the isolation in 2020 and transitioning forward in healing. During that time of isolation we witnessed numerous student suicides and accidents and in the aftermath and we are still seeing emotional trauma, confusion, lack of healthy boundaries with students and their families. Having a background in emotional trauma recovery practices and working with veterans and first responders, this was something I felt was important to educate and coach on: the connection between mind, body and spirit and how this interdependence impacts our overall health. I felt it was essential to help our students, families and our community heal collectively and started a non-profit, to train, coach, and advocate on strengthening our mind, body and spirit in the community and workplace.


   I love to build ideas, concepts, lyrics, songs, stories and events. When I can create something, I use my heart and soul as my guide and ground my ideas and concepts through love, hope and faith. My strengths and talents are innovation and creativity with a strategic approach in music event planning. My strategic style is based on a micro and macro level concept with a full integration plan as I am a consultant, I love blending and arranging different theories and concepts together to make something special that the audience and guests will love.

Nacole Rae Hause

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