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The Power of Music

Bringing Me Home -
Never Stop -

Co-written Hause & Garrison 

Co-written Hause & Watson 

   Music is an integral part of an event and it has the ability to influence our thoughts, feelings and our overall experience. Music has a significant impact on our lives. It's easy to see that music enhances our moods, soothes our souls or energizes us to get up and start moving or dancing. 


   When planning an event or a project, a key component is creating a musical platform through live music, recorded music or a song written for a monumental experience or event. Having the right song at the right moment can transform the outcome of an event, project and the experience. As a Songwriter and Producer, understanding how music can impact the audience or guests is an artistic approach to the art of emotional awareness and pairing the right song to the right moment. This will create an unbelievable experience and an untouchable outcome that will play over and over again in the memories of your audience or guests

Yoga at Home

Yoga can heal emotional trauma and reduce anxiety and depression! 

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